Monday, January 3, 2011

Content to Dream...for now...

My husband got me a beautiful calendar of tropical islands for Christmas, Islands in the Sun. Most anyone who knows me, can probably imagine how much delight this brought me! Just to stare into each photograph of vibrant blues in the waters and skies, the lush greens of the trees and other plants and the broad spectrum of colors to be found in the exotic flowers…ahhhh!! Each and every time that I gaze into such photos, I am INSTANTLY transported; I can feel the sand beneath my feet, the water lapping at my toes, I feel the warmth of the sun and the breeze that lightly lifts the hairs on my arms and I can smell so many things, the salt in the air, the flowers, the coconut oil on my skin…

This new year, 2011, will bring me that much closer to achieving my dream. No, unfortunately, I don’t have plans made, nor am I currently actively working towards it; however, it is, and always has been, deep inside of me, the knowledge that I WILL be in these places. I KNOW that my life is going to take me there, not just for a short vacation, but I will have the opportunity to soak up every single bit of it all as I spend perhaps years there.

Lofty dreams? Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but I choose instead to live happily in the belief that what I have always felt to be a reality in my future, will absolutely be. Besides, doesn’t somebody say that without dreams we have nothing?!

For now, I face each day as it comes. Attending to the things I must, and dreaming/planning of the day when I prepare to make the trip to the places I will go.


When I was a nurse manager, I had a picture of the beach with the ocean lapping the sand. I kept it right in my line of vision so when I looked up from writing, there it was....I loved it and still have the photo....
Sometimes, all it takes is a simple photo to take us away, even if just for a moment!

Thank you for coming by Beverly!
I have a picture of the prairie above my computer at work. In stressful moments I look at that picture and I'm transported to my "happy place"!
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