Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Into The Vault-The Haunting

The Haunting

I close my eyes,
I see the face.
In any state of mind,
I see the face.
I can run, I can hide,
I see the face.
It's the face of death.
It's the face of life.
The face of joy.
The face of pain.
The face of memories.
Turn this way,
it's there!
Turn that way,
it's there!
Look up...
it's there!
Nothing you can do...
Nothing you can say,
Can or will erase this face.
It's hidden to you,
The unsuspecting eye...
But it's vivid to me,
the tormented one.
It's the face of so much, and
yet so little.
It's the face you'll never discover.
It's the face...I'll never recover.
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