Monday, October 4, 2010

Quieting the Shadow

The shadow, no longer content to be alone in the darkness, called out to me; “Come play with me.” It knew that I was listening and that I just might give into its childish plight. I had been feeding it little pieces of insecurity, doubt and ego. It’s eyes and mouth wide open now, begging to come to life. Damn thing is watching and waiting; ready to pounce!

I whisper softly “It’s only real if you let be; open your eyes and it will disappear.” I take a deep breath as I force my body into motion; lifting my heavy feet, I command them to move forward. With all my strength I begin to move away from the shadow, slowly backing away and then turning and walking quickly; I finally scream out “I can’t hear you!”

I am running now and can hear its movement behind be; gaining on me. I think that maybe I waited too long and it is going to catch up with me! I let it get too close!

Suddenly, I realize that I am not running, but moving effortlessly down the path; it is peaceful and calm. I am surrounded by beauty, seeing as though for the first time; I am captivated. I feel an overwhelming sense of wonder and possibility; I realize that I am back where I was intended to be all along.

Feeling secure, I chance a look backwards and catch a glimpse of the shadow; I laugh because I can see it for what it really was and I can’t believe that I was afraid.


This is cool! A perfect way to end a day spent "running". "back where I was intended to be" yes, thank you. I enjoy the painting you create.
I am glad you liked it Beth!
Love this, Laurinda! Excellent imagery and just a titch of "nya nya" at the end!
Thank you...Hee Hee!! ;)
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