Thursday, October 21, 2010


The sun shone brightly and the ground was fresh after a light sprinkling of rain. My hands trembled as we pulled into the parking lot. Suddenly, I was blanketed in silence and my eyes saw nothing but the man standing a few yards away. His freshly cut hair, his crisp suit and hands clasped together before him; I could feel the amazing energy that he was projecting, and it quickly joined with my own. Our eyes met from a distance and I couldn’t stop my eyes from welling up.

I carefully dabbed the tears away, drew in a deep, calming breath and smiled; I was more than ready. I had no lingering questions or doubts; I KNEW what I was about to do and wanted it with my entire heart and soul.

As if proceeding through a fading dream sequence, I began to walk the path towards this man. It was as though everyone was standing in the beautiful mist before a waterfall; I could see faces for a brief moment and then they were gone, a new person before me. I heard voices that seemed to be off in a faraway place; and the music that softly began as I walked by, quickly joined that distant, soft, white noise. I glanced around at the people I knew were there, hoping they couldn’t see that I was entranced and only floating by them.

Our eyes met again, and for an instant I struggled to keep it all inside. My heart skipped a beat and my breath was taken as I noticed the wet path of tears down his cheeks. Our smiles reached out and become a part of each others in that moment; just as our hearts and lives were about to be forever connected.

I stared at the man, who in just a short time would become my Husband, and I felt peace and pure joy. He took my hands and it was all that we could do to keep ourselves from diving into the others arms and closing our eyes; locked in our own private world. Together, we released the moment in a gentle burst of laughter and quiet words…

The minister began, “We are joined here together today…”


Absolutely beautiful! The emotion you felt on that day comes through strongly. Stunning piece, Laurinda! How blessed you are to have experienced this moment with the man you love.
It was such a beautiful day! Thank you mom!
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