Friday, October 1, 2010

Looking into The Eyes of "The Source"

I am watching a dance outside my window. The branches giving a natural, loving push to the leaves as they twirl and spin away, floating in the breeze; freer than ever before. The colors that move before my eyes are like the backdrop of a stage; the grand place where the dance of life plays out.

The wind is whispering to my soul; “can you feel it now?”

The sun is illuminating the beauty within.

The ground, covered in a soft blanket of yellows and oranges, calls out; “walk with me.”

I am a student of life itself. The world is my classroom. Each moment is a lesson; a gift. Each person or animal that I encounter is my teacher. Nature is the constant reminder of The Source; that place, that energy, that being from which we all have emerged and are a part of now and forever.
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