Friday, October 22, 2010

PLEASE read this, something is seriously wrong with our world....

My jaw just dropped as my husband just told me this story about someone he knows, I am hot with anger and need to share this! Here in Calgary, with ALL the S—t we are seeing on the news about the FREAKS that are in our neighbourhoods, something like this happens!!!

A 15 year old girl got home late a few nights ago and went to have a shower in her room. Her older sister was downstairs and heard a noise outside, so she went to tell her mom’s boyfriend to go check it out. He went outside to CATCH a man with a camera, flashlight, gloves and balaclava watching through the window! He naturally pinned the guy down and had his girlfriend call 911. 911 told her they needed to let the guy go (in case of weapons etc.)!!! She, knowing that her boyfriend WOULD NOT do that, told them so. The police showed up, took the FREAK in, questioned him, escorted him to his car (which was parked a short distance away) and then escorted him home. No searching of his vehicle, no charges…NOTHING!!

This is LUDACRIS and RIDICULOUS!! And I am seriously sick to the stomach right now.
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