Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Days...

-I laugh when I mean to cry.

-I cry when I mean to laugh.

-I would rather stay under the warm covers and not open my eyes for a month.

-I would prefer to sit in complete solitude; no computer, no music, no tv…NOTHING but silence.

-I feel so lonely.

-I want to run FAR away from my life.

-I feel lost.

-I have ZERO physical or mental energy.

-I wake up TOTALLY rejuvenated and ready to devour the world.

-I remember what I wanted to forget.

-My mind would rather forget the things I DO know.

-I forget EVERYTHING I wanted to do.

-I DO want to step back in time.

-I am at peace.

-I feel vicious.

-I am elated.

I guess it shows me what an amazing gift to live in this life of mine; the journey that we all walk while here.

The multitude of sensations that we are ABLE to experience is a beautiful thing. The twists and turns are something to be admired and feel gracious for. I would much rather FEEL anything then have no response whatsoever to this life. Without the “bad” there could never be any “good”.

I am grateful for the rise and fall of sensations and emotions that I CAN and DO experience.


Me to. Most of the time, anyway!
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