Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Going to Read Now...

Well, I have taken some days off writing, and although it has been a great Thanksgiving Weekend, wonderful visiting with mom (and having HER turkey dinner!!) and enjoying a trip to the corn maze, I have found myself with no words!

Perhaps I am just ABSORBING, taking it all in and savoring it. Maybe I am still stuck in the blahs? I suppose it is a combination of them both.

My mind is feeling a little, hmm, listless? So, brilliantly, I decided to sign out some “food for thought” kind of books from the library today. A selection of Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle (one of my favorites!), The Secret Life of Water – Masaru Emoto and, da da da, Philosophy 101-Selections from the Works of the Western World’s Greatest Thinkers. Well I sit here now pondering “what the heck I was thinking” with that last selection!! Firstly, I intended to find something on EASTERN philosophies (distracted by Makiya’s “Maaahhh-mmeee” as she raced through the library with poor Grandma!) and secondly, wow, is this really what I want to tackle right now?! I’ve found some DEEP reading here!! Ah, well, as I said, something to stimulate the brain; I suppose I found THAT!! I AM excited about my selection though, however slightly daunting one of them may be!!

So, instead of struggling some MORE with my words, I think it is time for me to settle in with my books and re-charge myself!!

PS. I am thankful for the wonderful time with family and of course the MANY smiles and laughs that my daughter brings me every day!!
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