Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 15th - Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day

I came across this many years ago... As it did then, it brings me peace, warmth and smiles.

Beyond Dreams Edge – Debbi Dickinson Naperville, Illinois

Three new children play tonight
In a land beyond dreams edge
Instead of sand, they play with stardust,
Getting glitter sparkles on their hands.

Instead of coloring books,
They color rainbows
For God to place in the sky,
His promise to us below.

Instead of jumping rope,
They jump strands of sunlight.
Braided strong by His might,
Forever shining bright.

Instead of riding bikes,
They spread their wings
And fly to distant stars,
As all the angels sing.

Instead of snow slopes,
They slide down moonbeams,
Irridescent glowing streams,
Landing in heavenly green.

Instead of TV,
They watch sunrises, sunsets,
And all that transpires in between,
Secure that God knows best.

Instead of playing ball,
They catch stars,
Before they fall,
Loving the wonder of it all.

Instead of bouncing on their beds,
They bounce on clouds,
Their laughter echoes about,
Just beyond dreams edge.

We meet at night in prayer.
I quietly wait to see them there,
Golden haloes on their heads,
In a land beyond dreams edge.
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