Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Smile Now-October 15th is Stillborn and Infant Loss Rememberance Day

I walked for a time, my heart in your hands.

I dreamed of our time together and the love that would be.

I felt the warmth from your soul as it intertwined with my own.

I wept tears for us both when they said you would go.

I can see a sweet face that I know must be yours.

I smile now, as I know you are safe.

I posted this a few hours ago, and I have since remembered a newstory that I heard last month.

October 15th is Stillbirth and Infant Loss Awareness/Rememberance Day.

I cannot seem to find a link to the news piece that I watched now, and there are so very many other sites that come up when you do a search for the day. I wasn't sure which to choose; so I ended up picking the top two: Wikipedia because it gives alot of great information and

My heart goes out...


Absolutely beautiful Laurinda. Your words touch my heart. Our first baby was stillborn and that is an ache that never truly disappears.
Thank you Susan...It never really does leave us, but I don't really think that I would want to forget anyways... Hugs and Love...
This is just beautiful, Laurinda. I think you have a gift for poetry.

I burned a candle all day yesterday, on honor of my friends who've gone through this.
Thank you so much Janna!

That is wonderful that you lit a candle, that means so much to so many...
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