Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did You Know I Was Thinking About You?

My mind strolls around the strangest things sometimes.

Over the years, I have, at certain times, typically times where I was on the brink of turning the page onto a new chapter in my life, pondered over the power of our thoughts. The things that our minds consistently focus on certainly do become our reality, but to what exact extent does that span?

I have experienced, several times, the pattern of first thinking about something or someone, and then having that thought stream into my dreams, or even become something more tangible, be it a line in a book that I am reading, a particular song that suddenly comes on the radio, and, sometimes even suddenly, literally, finding that thing or person that had been running around my thoughts.

More recently I have had some deeper thoughts on the subject. Curiosity has arisen in me as to how deeply our thoughts bring about an effect on the person that has been on our minds. If we are to think about them, and seemingly bring them directly to us through these thoughts, how do THEIR thoughts change, or do they? Do they also suddenly find a reminder about us as, or is it something out of the ordinary and unexpected for them?

If we were to have a dream, a vivid dream, or an out of body experience, that featured a particular person, in a particular place, would the other people we meet have the same encounter on some level, plane, or some type of energized moment in time?

Is it something completely self-created and a completely lone experience, or do our thoughts and dreams bring about some type of blip on another’s radar at some level?
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