Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gratitude Journaling Day #4

1. My husband waking up with Makiya this morning…a little extra snuggly, sleepy time in bed is wonderful!!

2. Learning a new tip from a CHILDREN’s cooking show!! When cooking breaded chicken/pork: flour, then egg, THEN the batter…seemed to work quite well when I utilized the advice tonight!

3. I am thankful for helpful in-laws thinking ahead for Christmas Dinner-haven’t managed to talk to her yet, but, my sister in-law is getting us a “free” turkey for the LARGE family dinner!

4. I am grateful for the coffee that I sooo needed to wake me up this morning, yes, even after getting an “extra” hour of rest!

5. I am VERY grateful for the feedback I receive on my writing; I am filled with a warmth that fills my soul and I appreciate every word so much.

Ok, I admit, I DID miss out on writing my list yesterday, and fully INTENDED to fix that this morning, but…eek! Won’t let it happen again!!
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