Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Found the Moss!

It was a beautiful and sunny day here, and FINALLY warm enough to get out and have some fun!

Of course, with moss on the brain, between snow angels, snow shovelling, sliding and checking out all that was covered in snow, I went searching for materials for the terrarium I have been excited to make.

I wandered through the garden area, and was surprised to find two clumps of moss covered dirt! Well of course that ignited the drive to find more. And there it was, still growing on the tree!  A little brushing away of the snow, a little screwdriver that was just close enough to grab and I was able to peel away some nice batches of moss. A few rocks, pinecones and a little stump (I think it looks like the foot of an elephant!) that had been cut away from our Christmas Tree, and inside we went to create our little terrarium.

I quietly held onto the cover from Makiya’s birthday cake (thank you Grandma for the DQ Ice Cream Cake!), dreaming of ideas, things we had around the house, what we could use to turn it into a beautiful little terrarium. Along with our outside treasures, we added some cat grass seeds that I hope will get sprouted in the next couple of days. (I have some plants almost ready to take cuttings from, and as soon as they are ready, we will add them too.)

And here it now is!

We both had a blast putting it together, and are excited to watch it grow!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Random Catching Up...

I have gotten off to a bit of a slow start in the way of keeping up with my theme of Motion for the year. Although I did get a major start on organizing our disaster of a basement, it was only to find baby girl and I SICK the very next day, and two weeks later we sit with not much else accomplished.

During this down time, I have being quietly pinning, pining and planning away over on Pintrest, and boy have I come up with some wonderful ideas to do around the home, crafts with Miss Magoo, gardening ideas, recipes and oh I could go on! My husband actually pinned me down on it last night; “So, how many pins do you have now, thousands?! What are you going to do with it all?!” Well, honey, that’s just it, I hope to DO all of it, eventually! My mind has been working around several of the ideas, and I am getting excited to get to work!

Adding to our downtime was the frigid temperatures we have endured for over a week now, and thankfully, we are finally coming around to warmer days! I am eagerly awaiting getting outside to play, explore and get moving after being stuffed up inside for some time now. I have an idea for a little terrarium for Makiya, and, perhaps crazily, am hoping to find at least some of our different mosses surviving beneath the snow, somehow!

On the topic of gardening, mom (and check out her new GLOG!!) and I started celery indoors, another idea found over on Pintrest, and are surprised to see how quickly each of ours is growing. Excited about growing veggies, or at least starting them indoors, Makiya and I just set a potato up to start growing as well. I love watching her excitement and curiousity every day as we check in on our new friends, she gets real close, kind of brushing her cheek on the celery (well, really ALL plants and flowers) and whispers to it, “You’re beautiful, good growing!” She randomly comes out with suggestions for this year’s garden, which I also love.

I’ve been collecting pretty much everything that I would often toss away or into recycling this past year, mostly with the intent of using them for crafts, but that has grown into gardening ideas and home décor crafts that I am also looking forward to creating; I love the idea of repurposing items into something fresh and new, and even more, the idea of NOT having to spend money on these “new” items!

So, looking at just a few of our pictures from the past few weeks, I guess I am making a wee bit of headway with the whole "motion" thing... Can't wait to keep moving and creating!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

There's a Fire Under My Ass

Keep it simple; one word to convey my desires for 2012?


This year I want to see more, do more and be more. In order to do that, all of my good intentions, ideas and inspirations need to be attended to; I need to get MOVING!

There have been so many things that I want to try, learn, see and yet they all sit there, in the back of my mind as grand plans for “another day”.

It’s time to DO them.

All of the things that I long to create in my life require that I take steps, forward movement, and I will never see the effect that I know they will have, the impact on my, and others, lives if I don’t light the fire under my ass and get MOVING!

I don’t need to jump off the ledge, go all crazy and dive into everything at once (ha ha, maybe I do?!), each little step is movement in the right direction. Each time I focus on now instead of later, do instead of put off, and pause to focus when I feel overwhelmed, I will be drawing myself back onto the path of my journey; again implying that I will be moving ahead.

Get moving to stay healthy physically and emotionally. Get moving to create the things I long to, from writing to crafting with Makiya, crafting for Makiya and for the home, gardening, indoors and out, crochet, sewing, cooking, educating Makiya and myself, all of these and many more things that I want to do!

Places to see, explore and enjoy are waiting, and I am tired of waiting for another day.

Today is the day to DO it! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ghosts, Spirits or Crazy?!

Awhile back I told you the story of my childhood friend, and since then, I really haven’t had any experiences to speak of.

Until my daughter was born, three years ago.

Shortly after Makiya was born, we stayed in an old farm house. The bedroom that we slept in (as a newborn, Makiya was typically with us) had wood panelling on the ceiling and the walls. Never sure if it was simply the knots etc, on the wood or more, we would often witness our two month old daughter laughing, giggling, cooing and generally RESPONDING to the ceiling. Yes, I know, it sounds strange, and my husband, not being much of a believer in ghosts, spirits, etc., was pleasantly baffled. Whatever it was captivated Makiya and appeared to keep her happily entertained.

Eight months later, we moved into the house we currently live in. The history of the house, the previous owner/tenant, was only vaguely hinted at, leaving my husband and I to create the story to our liking, and joking. We made jokes about the spirit of an older lady still being in the house, myself only partially kidding. 

Since we’ve been here I have, increasingly, seen, out of the corner of my eye, black shadows slice through the air. Nothing big, nothing that left me feeling frightened. Usually I second guess what I have seen, and quickly dismiss it. Although denying has become more difficult as it continues to happen.

My daughter for several months began telling us that she was afraid of the rocking chair in her room, because at night it “pinched and rocked.” Adding to that, she speaks of a man at night who plays the drum, singing ABC’s who puts her on the floor. I only add these details because while of course one can never really know for sure where the children come up with the things we say, it just nagged on my mind as I started to really feel as though there MAY be a spirit of some sort in this house.

A month or so ago as I sat in the living room with my daughter, again not quite in my center of vision, but more visible than just a flit of movement in the corner of one’s eye, I saw a larger swoop across the room from the window towards our tree (or the wall of Makiya’s room?!). I examined the room, the windows, the possibility of shadows from the trees, all to no avail; there was no possible way that it was a shadow coming in from outside, the sun was in the wrong place, and really there was nothing I can imagine that it could’ve been.

Roughly a week after that, sitting on the couch reading stories before Makiya’s nap, I suddenly noticed a RED, I don’t know, truly and honestly, it was like a beam, a laser beam?, ending on my shirt. I instantly dismissed it as the sun bouncing off Makiya’s hair and shifted. But it kept following me! It was clearly not the sun playing tricks, but, it did happen until I moved out of sight of the window.

Two nights ago, I was getting my freshly made bread bagged and into the freezer. I left the two bags on the counter as I turned to place one loaf in the freezer and as I turned I saw a large, white swoop and the bags fell to the floor. I instantly felt giddy and burst out laughing as I turned to walk away and down the stairs. I couldn’t believe it, but had to laugh AND get away from the situation.

Of course my husband, the non-believer, had to know what was so funny, and I in turn had no choice but to relay to him what had just happened. I don’t know if there is something wrong inside of my head, I wonder because of all my headaches?!, if I am simply going bonkers, OR, if I am really seeing something!

At this point, I don’t know what to think… how about you!?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

My little angel.
My baby girl.
I never imagined I would ever hold you in my arms, and even when they finally placed you on my chest and I finally got to look into your amazing little face, I couldn’t seem to breathe, relax and accept that you had made your way to me.
In just these short three years that I have had you before my eyes, in my arms, on my mind and in my heart, I have been transformed, before your eyes and because of your life, love and innocence. You’ve made me see through the eyes of a child again, and brought me to a place that could never have one face anything less than that; to grow, live and laugh as a child. You have a joy and determination, a love for all that amazes me daily; you make me feel as naïve and hungry for learning and life as you must be.

I wonder about what you think about, the things you aren’t able, ready or perhaps willing to yet share. I wonder how you feel, what your thoughts are to this point about this world, your family… I long to know what truly makes you happiest, what interests you the most and what you would love to try, aside from EVERYTHING at this early age of three! I think about the parts of you that are forming, the things that are beyond, hidden behind, inside, the things that aren’t shouted, giggled and whispered about. I wonder about the person you are becoming.
I try my best every day, even on the roughest of them. I try to show you only the joys that a child should experience. I try to give you a childhood that will be woven into memories, happy and warm thoughts of a loving, learning and laughing time in your life.

I want only for you to breathe gently and inhale all of the world that surrounds you. I want for you to dance freely, as you do, releasing yourself to all that will surely come to you. I want for you to continue to sing as exuberantly, happily and straight from the heart and soul as I witness constantly throughout our days.I want for you to be all that you can, which is anything and everything.
You are the most amazing little girl; so smart, funny, strong and, of course, beautiful.
You are my world, my everything, my all. I would do anything I ever could for you, and I will always do my best to make sure that you are surrounded by nothing less than a true, peaceful and love filled home.

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet girl!
Love, Mommy
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