Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Little Friend

Halloween is over, but after reading this post  on a blog I follow, I was compelled to share my own experience of a little “friend” in the house!

I lived in an old house until I was 7 years old. It was the kind of house where amazing adventures and mysteries took place, were discovered and imagined. It was also very creepy; the scary basement that I rarely stepped into and the attic rooms we were not allowed to enter. There were always spiders, big ones, little ones, and beetles! Ugh!! Even back then I had vivid nightmares of being trapped in the attic with all of these creepy crawly things surrounding me! My bed would shake a little sometimes, and one night I went downstairs to tell my dad; his response was that it was only the train. Of course! How could it not be the train that was several very large blocks away from our house! I also had an “imaginary friend” named Miranda who lived in the house. She was a little blonde girl, older than I was by a couple of years. We would play and talk together; even my parents witnessed me having conversations with her. We had a lot of fun, and I cannot remember ever feeling scared by her.

As I grew, I saw her less and less; by the time I was 7 years old and we were moving down the street, she was virtually non-existent. I remembered her and would think of her, but I don’t recall seeing her. Shortly after we moved, I was woken one night by crying; I could hear what sounded like a little girl whimpering. Curiousity led me out of my room to peek into my younger brother’s room where I thought I would find him having a bad dream, but it wasn’t coming from there. There wasn’t a tv or radio on; my parents were both asleep and it hadn’t come from our cats or dog either.

But I knew what it was. Miranda had come to check on me, to be sure that I was safe before she left me forever.

I never forgot about Miranda, and had no shame in sharing our story with friends. I knew she was not a made-up, imaginary play friend, she was a real little girl that I was lucky enough to see. I always had the sense that something had happened to her, which I guess explains why she was there, she was stuck.

9 years later, when I was 16, I was re-united my second oldest sister; we had not spoken or seen each other since she left home when I was about 3 years old. I quickly learned that my friend Miranda, had also been my sisters friend. She had the same name, same blonde hair and we shared similar experiences with her. Our older sister had witnessed her sitting up in bed at night, talking and playing with Miranda. Miranda would also shake my sisters bed; ha ha ha dad, so much for your train explanation!

Although we didn’t grow up together, my older sister and I have always been very similar in our personalities and characteristics. I imagine that is why Miranda chose to reveal herself to the both of us and no one else in our family. She knew that we WOULD see her, and I guess she felt comfortable and safe with us.

Over the years I have experienced little signs or glimpses of spirits, but nothing like what I experienced with Miranda. I think of her and our time together quite often actually. It is a little mystery that I hope to one day know more about; who she was and what happened that left her stuck in that house. My sister and I have our theories of course, but as of yet been unable to actually learn anything. Perhaps we never will.


Shiver! I am covered in goosebumps! I could see this tale playing out so clearly. Thanks for sharing your story and linking back to mine:)
wow! great story, thanks for sharing, that is amazing how you both shared the same experience!
Awesome story Laurinda....I remember the nights when Miranda came to visit Chrystal so vividly, nothing scarey about it! She would play games in our room and Dad would never believe us. But Miranda always managed to get us in trouble by messing our room or making Dad think we were still up playing at 1:00 in the morning!!! I remember too, when your Mom asked me about the strange goings on in our room. You and Chrys were (and still are) exceptionally bright children and poltergeists are drawn to that! Call me crazy but I believe Miranda was drawn to you because of that. Someday maybe she will find you again!!!
Wow that was awesome Laurinda, I couldnt have told it better myself. You described it better than I ever could have and I totally agree with why Miranda chose us and I too have tried to find out who she was and what happened to her. She helped me through some very lonely times and I hope she has found peace and is finally at rest.
Modern Mom-I really enjoyed your story and had to share!

Mel-Thanks! I still have so much curiousity about it and amazement that my sister and I both shared this friend!

Liz-That is funny, thanks for sharing some more details!!

Chrystal-Thank you! I hope so too..
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