Monday, November 1, 2010


I am finding myself walking through my days a little as though in a “zombie” state; perhaps even a little as though I am LIVING IN the movie “Groundhog Day”! I am taking each step but with no thoughts behind them, and a little as though I am walking amidst a thick fog. I feel like nothing is fresh and new. Everything feels stale, like old bread; it’s ok, but really could be a lot better!

I feel bored, exhausted, achy and dull. I try to keep a smile on my face, but it feels so phony that I would rather not even bother! I don’t even have the energy to look for the light, the rays of sunshine to point me in the right direction! I am stuck, in a pit of quicksand. My mind wonders if this is a signal, a warning to make some changes? How could it not be, especially when all we face comes to us with a purpose?

I know it will pass and all will return to its version of normal. I will suddenly be drenched in a new chapter and give little, if any, thought to the state of blah that I am currently in.

Until then, my eyes will continue to search for a clue. My mind will keep wandering and my body will take this time to regenerate itself. I will be ready when the door opens to welcome me through.


Maybe it's the weather, I know this time of year gets me feeling the blahs! Shorter days and less sun, your body starts to miss the vitamin D!!! Hope you feel better soon :)
Thanks Mel! It's all good, but, yes,I keep meaning to grab some Vitamin D, I think I probably would benefit GREATLY from taking it!!
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