Friday, November 5, 2010

Walking In November

Yesterday we enjoyed another record breaking warm temperature day! It was 22 degrees in November on our streets! We went for an amazing walk, a mission really; I wanted to collect leaves to make simple placemats with; a first craft project for Makiya and I!

We stopped frequently, pausing to search for the perfect leaf and newest addition to our rapidly growing collection. We turned, felt and examined each leaf, looking for the freshest and most appealing to the eye. There was, of course, a stop at the park. Makiya was, as usual for her, excited and friendly as new children arrived; she ran to them waving and yelling “Hi! Hi! Hi!…”

We wandered out of the park and walked for several more blocks. Makiya would stop and sit on the edge of a yard, looking at the leaves, offering them to me as she went through. It was a long walk, so a few times I carried her a short distance; then she was ready to explore some more!

Our little Ziploc bag full of an assortment, we arrived home; Makiya was thirsty and ready to read some books! I pulled out the wax paper, iron and set up at the dining table. Makiya squealed as she hopped up onto my lap as I began to arrange the leaves on the paper. It only lasted a brief moment before she was off and back to her books, but it was our first attempt at a craft!

Sadly, I hadn’t realized there were some better options for putting this “placemat” together, and wound up with something that looks much prettier on the window! It is a little difficult to capture it in photo, but I still think it’s pretty!

We had a wonderful, magical time on that walk, and created a new tradition I hope; now I will also know how to put the placemat together in a much more visually appearing manner!


I love that you did this with Makiya! You are making memories every day. Such a great Mom you are!
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