Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Change

After an already exhausting couple of weeks with Makiya’s suddenly confused sleep routines, we came upon Time Change. I was truly worried as we have already been dealing with 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 AM kind of waking with her; I mean WAKING UP, ready to face the day kind of awake! So I honestly was dreading what I would wake up to this morning.

4:30 AM comes awfully early. Especially when hubby and you agree to ride it out together, no matter the outcome, and stay up late! And then, hubby DOESN’T get up!

I suppose it was “technically” 5:30 as we like to say for the first couple of days. I was a little prepared physically I suppose, because we have been dealing with 5:30 pretty consistently as of late.

Makiya and I did our usual morning routine; change her training pants, grab her cup of milk and off to the couch to cuddle. This morning, I put on her new movie, Tinkerbell, and as she watched and flipped through her books, I had 10 minute little, almost sleep sessions. After almost an hour, I got to the coffee and was instantly ready to go! I wanted to get an early start on last minute errands and be ready to send off baby girl for the afternoon.

She went with Grandma to an older cousin’s birthday party; a family get-together, which means lots of cousins to play with! For hubby and I, it was a long overdue afternoon alone. We had shopping to do, which was still nice, because it has been quite awhile since we did that alone! Some time alone; and I will admit to thinking Makiya had to be upstairs having a nap and almost telling hubby to quiet down a few times!

Ah, my beautiful, growing up quickly girl!! Up so early, no nap, and a rare 6 hour, activity and adventure filled 6 hours away from mom or dad!! She seems to have fared wonderfully, and after only a brief, half hearted attempt at fussing, is soundly asleep.

I am hoping more than I can express, that between Time Change and her busy day, maybe we can begin to get back to a normal sleep schedule. Perhaps it is the perfect time for “change” in many senses.

This afternoon was such a nice, not often enjoyed, breath of fresh air for myself; it has left me at least slightly re-charged and ready to face whatever time the clock reads tomorrow morning when I hear “Mommy! Mommy… Daddy! Daddy…”

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