Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Other Side-She Walked Away

She had stood in this place before. The feeling washed over her like déjà vu; like a dream sequence that was playing out before her open eyes.

She knew, with a knowledge that came from a place she could not fully comprehend, that she had but two choices before her. She could either swallow her words or speak them now, louder than ever before. For an instant, she paused.

She was stronger now. She had more clarity. She had the wisdom and foresight to know better. Her heart skipped a beat leaving her feeling lighter than air. It lifted the corners of her lips into the smallest hint of a smile. She almost laughed aloud.

She realized that to utter a single word would only draw her in; pull her to a place she now saw as forbidden. To speak now would only succeed in taking her into a tornado that she could no longer withstand.

She turned around. She allowed the grin to spread across her face. She walked away; deaf to the angry, confused and irrational noise that she heard behind her.


the wisdom of your soul amazes me. Thank you for the reminder, the hope the strength.
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