Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Into Random Writing-The "Mark and Shelliot" Days of My Childhood

The “Mark and Shelliot” Days of my Childhood

I have early memories of my childhood. I am lucky; I know those who have none of these special times within the grasp of their minds. Travelling back to when I was 4 years old, I am filled with a warmth and orange, aura like glow.

I can feel the hot summer breeze blowing. The trees, massive Weeping Willows and great, tall Poplars...leaves rustling gently. I instantly see our HUGE garden, full of green, so many delicious things to be found! I can smell the soil and vegetation as they warm beneath the sun, the variety of aromas blending together. It fills my soul as I recall how it seemed to seep through my pores. The feel of the dirt, the dust, it covered us as we played...slipping into and beneath our clothing.

My brother and I, playing in that yard...such rich and vibrant memories. We would go from our little dinky cars and other little figures in the dirt, grass and trees...to our favorite game.

"Mark and Shelliot". It was an action/adventure game, so full of imagination and complete freedom! We role played as these self created characters, on the spot, in the moment...
I remember drifting through the oceans on our old metal patio chairs...the green paint peeling back to reveal the yellow beneath. We turned them backwards, onto their backs, so we could stand on them, this way they rocked with the waves!
We hunted, for whom or what, I can't recall, but we were so smart as we sharpened our "arrowheads" or willow spears! A little spit and circular motions against rock, or the sidewalk! Our food and supplies were berries and leaves, twigs and stones.
I can remember the sweat and blisters we got as we worked for hours...right beside our old, peeling white, Italian style fountain, we were digging our way to China!
Our trusty companion, Bobby, by our sides at all times. He was a "Heinz 57", wiener on legs almost looking dog! Brown and black, tail wagging as he followed wherever we took him.
I have no idea where this game came from, but boy, did we fun!
We travelled the world to completely foreign places and we went on excursions to countries we've never since seen!

Then, as if it couldn't get any better...a nice cold freezie to end the day! Dry from all the travels, a perfect thirst quencher awaited! It was sweet and sugary, sticky as it dried. Dribbled, smeared and bright in color on our young faces! I can't help but remember how I have ALWAYS HATED the way that plastic on the edges always seemed to cut the sides of my mouth though!!

I treasure these times, cherish them with all of my heart. All of the sensations, so fresh and vivid. A time never forgotten, never lost.

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