Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Those Smells

It's funny the way a smell can totally transport you to another time, another place.

Sometimes you are in the physical presence of the object that is emitting the aroma, and
then there are times when it seems to come from thin air.
Like it's been hidden inside of you and is suddenly  released.
It overwhelms your senses, making you see things and feel things and taste things and of course, smell that wonderful something!
The memories that waft into you with each breath you take...
It can be such a wonderful reminder.

Today, I cannot stop thinking of this lotion that I got about 4 years ago.
 My boss had brought it back from one of her trips to Costa Rica. It was the most delicious, fresh, vibrant and wonderful smelling stuff I have ever had! It smelled of tropical flowers, summer sunshine, the beach and all those beautiful things! The lotion itself was pretty good too, but it was that smell that captured me. It took me to my "special place" when I opened that little container! Sometimes, that is what I did, open it up just to take in that scent. I even kept it around for a long time, until finally there was nothing left when I opened it up, no more sweet reminders...

I can still smell that wonderful scent, and it always refreshes me. Every time I think of my tropical dream, I become bathed in the smell of that lotion.

Such an amazing thing, our sense of smell. What an enormous power it really does have!


So true, Laurinda. The scent of lilacs takes me back to my childhood, the smell of freshly baked bread reminds me of coming home from school after my mom baked, and the smell of vinegar reminds me of poached eggs!
Good post Laurinda! This is also true of music. The smell of vinegar reminds me of poached eggs as well...great...now I want poached eggs...
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