Friday, March 26, 2010

Re-connecting, in more ways than one...

I had a great time going for tea this afternoon with D, the lady I used to work for. I was assigned to her furniture store when I was finishing up my Interior Decorating Program. She ended up hiring me, I was made manager, and the rest is history! I had a wonderful time working for her, and the personal relationship that we developed was special to me.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, about her beliefs in Laws of Attraction etc., she...I will me to these things. She inspired a lot of things in me, positive thought changes, just a lot of good influence. I think she has learned so much, and I love her way of sharing the knowledge that she has gained, with everyone that she encounters. Life lessons, gratitude, action, trust and belief. Those are some of the things that she inspires in me. She is rarely judgemental, never letting you feel that you are less than she, and never forgetting her roots, those places that she came from.

She, of course, had some directional words for me, words of wisdom, encouragement. I am left feeling so good after leaving her this afternoon. I sometimes see/feel a shift when I am with her...a little nudge in the right direction, back on the right track, or, even better, a re-connecting with my source! It's a positive thing, and I sure am hoping to see the effects of those things with this visit!


I'm so glad you had a good visit! There's nothing like time spent with a friend you have a strong connection with. It's like food for the soul.
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