Monday, March 22, 2010

The "Grown-Up" version of the "Squish"

Remember when you were a kid...those funny little things we did!

Like, when you take your thumb and forefinger, and
look between them at an object in the distance.

Then, when the view is JUST Squish that object!

Fastforward some number of years. 
Introduce the middle finger.

Ah, a silent demonstration of an internal outburst of rage!

Have you ever sat on the other side of a wall, away from...hmmm...the ones you just can't stand to be near?
On the other side, so angry and  so fed-up, that you use that middle finger like a windshield wiper...
You engage that wiper to erase their words, their noise, their existence...just like rain off the windshield.
As if it was possible to actually wipe them away... with a silent word, or two, of farewell!

It's a little secret with yourself.
A private victory!
A war won!
All without uttering one single word.

Oh really, to look back over what I am writing...
How childish of course!
But, I take sweet pride and find release in that one silly little moment!
It's a much wiser road to take than an outright outburst right?

That was MY "Grown-Up" version of the "Squish".


I agree with you.....but it's still fun to pretend you are squishing their heads too!!!
I have to agree....I still squish heads. :0
I do it in fun now though, and I hope they notice. LOL!
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