Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Test Start

So I have an idea in my mind on how I would like to set this page up, but I AM such a novice at this! I am playing around with it all, tinkering and playing...I will be going through and adding pieces to The Vault. They are so old, and the emotions so raw and uncensored sometimes! I have just waited so long to put them out there, that I gotta do it! I am so not near the dark feelings that are in this writing, I mean of course I have my days...but I am nowhere near being so tangled and torn up as I was then! It already feels good to get it out though, in a different way then just the pen to the paper! I must admit that I actually felt drained after doing this stuff this afternoon, reading "the old blue binder" and looking over it...I kept falling asleep on poor Makiya for about an hour before dinner! But it's good, something I've always wanted and need to here's to testing it out and getting started on it all!


Hi Laurinda, glad you found a place to write what you need to write. Blogging is great for that!
Oh, thank you so much Mel! You're so right I am sure, I really need to find my..."groove" though...still so new!
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