Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Going Without" Can Actually Be "Gaining So Much More"

There are those things that we are conditioned to see as “required” or “necessary”, but when taken away, we realize that we will be just fine, life will/must continue and perhaps a little harder work is needed.

Miraculously, in the eyes of my girlfriend, I can and do just fine “without” some of those things that others just would not live without. I have, of course, already learned that there is no sense fighting what IS (or isn’t if the case may be). Kicking, screaming and pouting will not bring about the “desired” result, so it is best to accept it and move forward; do what needs to be done. Maybe, luckily, there is a little of my creative side that comes out, survival mode of course, and I imagine some stubbornness (“I’m FINE, I can DO IT!!”).

I am certain that my husband, and surely plenty of others, would look at me like I may just be crazy, but I can and do see and accept the gifts that truly lie behind any and all struggles that we face. I can put a smile on my face KNOWING that our life will continue and we will get past whatever is before us.

I honestly don’t get caught up in fantasies of what could or should be, or what I would prefer to be happening in my life. Of course, at times, that can be a problem in itself; to simply take what comes with no action of my own to make a desired/needed change. But, I have the trust that leaves me comfortable in knowing that no matter how difficult, I am meant to be here and I will make it through to reach the next adventure in my life journey.
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