Monday, December 13, 2010

Gratitude Journaling Day #13

Well, AGAIN I have not been keeping up with my gratitude journaling. I don’t even have a REAL excuse! Sure, last night was a little hectic, with the bathroom reno starting, but still…

1. I appreciate the chats with my best friend; we are THERE for each other and I always gain different insights into motherhood; her own and those around her.

2. I am grateful for the positive things happening for my husband in his work; he works harder than most people that I know and is finally being recognized for it.

3. I am thankful for the mild winter weather that we have been enjoying (knock on wood or my hubby’s noggin!), with hopes that it doesn’t take a drastic turn anytime soon!

4. I am grateful for the pride and awe that my daughter inspires in me every day; her learning and growth is awesome to be a part of!

5. I am thankful to my brother for going out of his way to bring our dad here for Christmas.
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