Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day #5 – Gratitude Journaling

At the moment, I am full of negative energy. Throughout the day, I have constantly thought of and been given reminders of noting the things that I am grateful of, but tonight, a simple phone call slammed me into a brick wall. I will only say that, anticipated holiday visits could possibly be impacted, and I am blown away. It is now late, and my hubby is dying to get to bed (yes, we typically go together!), but I insisted that in order for me to try to push my way through these dark feelings, I get to something positive; the light and warmth that will come with my recognizing the GOOD of the day.

1. I am grateful that we made it to the mall on time for Santa pictures tonight. Ahh, a whole other post! Our girl is amazing and BEAUTIFUL!! She did so well with her visit to Santa, so friendly and accepting.

2. Gratitude and appreciation fall slightly away, as I search for a stronger word…We are FINALLY going to see my step-daughter tomorrow!! Thankful, thankful, thankful…

3. I am appreciative of the wonderful dinner that I anticipated cooking, but my hubby took over and completed, deliciously!

4. It was warm’ish today…of course, I didn’t really experience it until later in the afternoon, but I wasn’t BUNDLED up layer upon layer!!

5. While I am NOWHERE near where I hoped to be as far as preparations for Christmas, I am OK with that. I know that as long as everyone is healthy and together, that is all that matters most; the rest would only be a bonus.


Finding things to be thankful for when there are other things that are going on that hurt us is truly a gift. Good for you for pushing through.
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