Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Other Side-Inside of Him

He knew that it was the one thing he shouldn’t do, but a part of him felt entitled; he earned it, he wanted it and who could say differently?

His mind no longer his own as it spun in erratic circles. Nothing made sense, yet it was the only way it could be. The voice behind it all not a friend of his, but instead the one who wanted to destroy everything it could manage to touch. He had no choice but to succumb to the screaming that came from within; he joined it in a desperate attempt to control it.

He couldn’t even see the path of reason sitting before him; his eyes had also left his control and all he could see was darkness. Every step he took and every word he allowed to escape his mouth was like leaving a trail of lit gasoline behind him. He was setting fire to his surroundings but it fell on sightless eyes and ears that only heard the voice inside.

He was getting angrier by the second; who was doing this to him and what gave them the right? He wouldn’t settle, he would fight back and punish before anything could touch him.

He didn’t realize that it was coming from himself. He couldn’t accept that he was the one who had done it; he refused to take responsibility.

Instead, he allowed the insanity to take over his body and mind; raging until there was nothing left inside and he collapsed into a heap on his sofa.
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