Monday, January 10, 2011

My Heart Aches for You...

My mind is stranded on an island; I cannot seem to escape it, and part of me doesn’t really want to.

My concern for you stirs up memories of a time when I stepped onto the road you seem to be choosing for yourself. It takes me back in an effort to remember what sent me on my way, in the very beginning, with hopes of finding another similarity that will allow me to connect with you. I don’t know how or what it is that I could say to you, I only know that inside of me it feels like a mission that is mine to undertake. I feel as though I could help you through this time. With as much hope as there is inside of me, I wish that I could take you off of this track that you appear to be heading towards. I want to save you from the pain that I know will only grow inside of you if you aren’t careful. I know what a critical time this is for you, and I also know that, as it was for me, there is likely little that can really be said or done to prevent you from making the choices that you may very well insist upon making.

I know how smart, strong-willed and amazing that you are, and I know that YOU do not want to lose those parts of yourself. I know that you have hopes and dreams that exceed the places you are about to go. I know that if you decide to stay on this path, you will slowly watch every plan that you had for yourself drift by like a puff of smoke, and it will only get harder to get where you want to be. I know that you believe that you are going to make your life easier and more manageable, but it is so much more complicated than you believe; once you step in, there is no going back.

At this time, I can only hope that you continue to reach out to us, and we still have time to reach you before you venture any farther away. I hope that what I feel inside is not true, and I hope that you have managed to maintain your true strength; enough at the very least to still be on the outskirts of the harsh reality that is drawing you in.


You certainly have a heart for whoever it is you're addressing here.

Best wishes for a happy ending,

I certainly do, thank you for your thoughts Rhonda...:)
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