Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Weeds" in Our Gardens

Sometimes, we allow, shall we say “toxic” people, to exist in our lives. They have been there for many years, so the list of reasons that we could, would and do continue to endure the ups and downs that inevitably follow them can, and does, go on and on.

But I am sure that for most of us, there usually comes a time when the drama becomes intolerable; we cannot continue to allow ourselves to be continually pulled down by this person/these people. History and shared past gives way to personal health and growth.

I know it has been that way for me in many cases throughout the years.

For others, the task of shedding a few layers is something they don’t comprehend; they cannot seem to imagine moving forward out of fear, feelings of debt or responsibility, loneliness, etc. They appear to be willing to have their lives swallowed in the dark depths of another’s insanity!

I struggle on a certain level with what I am trying to say, because I know that we all deserve a hand up, guidance, acceptance etc., however, there truly are those people that exist in this world that are willing to sacrifice another’s well-being to selfishly attain what they falsely believe is theirs for the taking. Their words, promises and apologies are truly empty, and spewed only in, yet again, desperate attempts to take control of situations in which they begin to feel weakened.

I have worked, in some ways perhaps more strenuously that required, at the process of cleansing the above mentioned people from my life; but I have found others close to me that have some difficulty with this and I have really worked hard at trying to understand it all! I have had a hard time understanding why they would allow these people to continue to pop in and out of their lives, even when they have made attempts to cleanse their inner circles.

I always say that every person we encounter has a message for us or to take from us; and I get to feeling like “OK, I GET IT, or THEY GET IT; lessoned learned! Can we all move on now?!”

Until we find the courage to face every so called “demon” in the closet, every past wrong-doing or un-attended matter, whatever the source; we cannot and will not be able to fully move forward in our life, on our journey. Something will always be holding us back, pulling at our pant leg, dropping obstacles in our path. It is true “You can run, but you can’t hide…”. Something will always be there to pull us backwards and down if we try to escape the consequences of our actions silently and blamelessly.

I realize now, that there must be a deeper lesson that is involved; something that we are so hell-bent on ignoring, pushing aside, denying… There is some major task to be undertaken, something that is in serious need of resolution and attention, and the only way for the universe to give us a real “slap in the face” is to repeatedly push these “unwanted, dangerous” people in our face. These people are mirror images in some sense, some form or another, and they are SCREAMING at us to wake up!!

It truly does boil down to why WE allow ourselves to neglect the gardens that are our lives. Every detail, each thought and all of our actions can be likened to that of the wanted foliage or the undesired weeds in our garden of life. It all simply requires a little time, patience, understanding and care; we tend to the things that are required to sustain our life, our journey and we prune or remove that which is growing awry and out of control.
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