Monday, January 24, 2011

Morning Person? HA!!

I have never been a morning person; self admitted morning grump! I have never been happy in those first moments, after the eyes open and the mind realizes that it’s been brought out of its state of re-charging. Morning greetings, aside from those sweetly uttered by my daughter, are typically met with the equivalent of “grrrr…”! I can’t shake the growlies in the morning, even though I can lightly laugh at my foolishness; to myself. The morning cup of coffee has never been the fix either; for me, it’s the shower.

Most mornings, when I step into the warmth of my shower, I can’t contain the “Aaahh…Oh. My. God.” That slips from my mouth. My bones and muscles instantly relax, my pores open and as the water rushes down on me, I feel the sleepy haze drift up and away with the steam. I feel rejuvenated. I feel human. All the residual grumpiness flows down the drain with the shampoo and soap.

The perfect solution: a magical shower installed beside the bed. The moment my eyes open I could be instantly and gently transported into the shower. Some of my favorite tunes playing, the magical machine sets to work washing my hair, oh and some heavenly scent floating through the steam and seeping into my skin…sounds great!! (Not sure how this would work, but it is a GREAT idea!)
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