Monday, October 25, 2010

Excited to Be Writing

I am very excited about getting more involved with my writing.

-I am enjoying my blogging; it is wonderful connecting with all of you! I love the feedback and the pure beauty and joy that I am finding in the connections that I have made.

-I have two separate submissions sent out, now I have to WAIT about a month to hear whether I “make the cut” on them!!

I have shared that my mom has inspired me to get back to my writing, and Story Circle Network was something that she shared to help get me started. It has been nearly a year, and I am just now getting more involved!

-I was enlisted by mom to get involved with a new blog that will be starting in January 2011 One Woman's Day
-I just signed up with an SCN Writing Circle too. I am very excited about this, who wouldn’t be? To have a place where you can get feedback and encouragement with your writing; PERFECT!!

-I am also hoping to become a Book Reviewer with SCN. I have to begin at the bottom, find a book of my own choice, write a review, submit, and then there are several other steps/trials before I am “accepted”, but again, something I am hopeful and excited to become involved with!

I wanted to share a link with you as well; I had been looking for this when I did my posts honoring October 15th as a National Day of Remembrance for Lost Babies.

Here are also the links to my posts:

October 15th and I Smile Now

Happy Monday, I hope you have a great week!
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