Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Remembered

 I did a search for sun in Clip Board, and I came across this picture.

This picture takes me back to being a young child.
Just like the reminding sense of smell,
this is a vision, an overwhelming feeling of green that has stayed with me.

I remember the schoolyard we used to play at, before we went there as school children.
Way back then, the yard was full of massive trees.
The neighborhood itself seemed to be full gigantic, green trees...
Poplars, Willows, Maples and so many more.
Glimpses into the past remind me of a view so similar to this picture.
I recall the freshness that came from the green leaves.
So light and tangy, I can almost smell and taste it now.
I see the sun as it peered through the trees,
 little slivers of light dancing on the ground.

Every once in a while,
I am taken back to this.
Like it still courses through me on another level...
Green runs through my body,
like breath from my very soul.

The green Springs of my childhood...


I love this, Laurinda! I get where you're coming from about the green too, it really was green, wasn't it! Maybe that's why when I look out into my back yard at the vivid green laurel leaves in the sunshine I feel a sense of peace. Great post!
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