Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random things from this past week...

Well has this week ever flown by. Not that I had a lot going on, in fact a whole lot of nothing happened. I've had another week of zero energy, little motivation, and really I would have preferred to just SLEEP! We had disgusting weather, SNOW!! What a downer after the beautiful weather and sunshine we had been enjoying. The snow and gloom does not help lift the spirits or give you any burst of energy or inspire motivation. Well, maybe it does for you, but not even close for me. Longing for the sunshine! Needing the warmth of the sunshine!
I got some GREAT news brother is coming for a visit finally! I haven't seen him, creeping up on 2 years already! He will of course be doing some cooking, which will be awesome! I can always use a break on that, as much as I do enjoy it. My brother truly loves cooking, and is always ready to show off some skills! More importantly to me is the time he will get with his niece! Makiya has never met her uncle! Mom will of course be coming down too, it's been awhile since she saw him as well...Grandma time is always good with Makiya, so much better than Skype! Our little monkey has done so much growing and learning already in the short time that has passed since mom was here last, it will be so neat for her to see! So excited! I still have to wait roughly a week, mom will be here next weekend and Mike a few days later!

Of course we had a good Easter as well. My lovers (my name for hubby) family came over, so we had a house full! 15 of us in total. 1 baby, 1 toddler and 5 other kids ranging from 4 to 14, the rest adults...whew! We all pitched in and did a cold dinner. Turkey and Ham bun-wiches, my potato and pasta salads, veggies and fruits. Little mess, no cooking and eat as you want! Perfect! We hadn't seen one sister and her family (the largest of the bunch, with 4 kids!) since last year, so we ended up visiting quite late, poor kids!

It was an exhausting day, especially considering I had stayed up until 4am the night/morning before painting our kitchen, putting some colored Gerbera's together in vases, and finishing up some cleaning! I had been dying to get the kitchen painted, freshened up. I was quite disappointed with the way the color turned out though. Lover and I picked it out together, even changing the final color choice, hoping to avoid a brown with pink undertones. Still, it reminds me of chocolate milk! Lover teased me, "well, you're the interior decorator, not me!" But really, we both agreed we made the right choice, and it still just didn't work out the way I envisioned it! I am still glad it's done though, it helps clean it up, makes it feel fresher. I mentioned the lack of energy this week, so the kitchen is still not completed...trims, ceiling and touch ups...and those annoying little drips that my  lover left all over the floor! Plus, now I feel the urge to get the bathrooms done before the family arrives! Will use the same color as the kitchen, again not the prime choice, but I will be pleased to have it painted fresh!

I had been longing to get those flowers for so long, and I was delighted to be putting them together! The picture really didn't take well, but I thought they looked so pretty! Spring in a vase!

Baby girl loves her new bunny rabbit. She loves going up and sitting on his lap, sharing her water with him, reading with him and just snuggling! She has had an interesting week to say the least. A few days of #2 problems, she's cutting teeth, and boy oh boy our girl and her little attitude! She LOVES to test me...hitting has been big again this week, and really grabbing the face, roughly...little munchkin!
She said baby too! Well, be-be and bay-be and bee-bee!
I actually need to take her to the optometrist this coming week, her right eye has dramatically picked up with what I have discovered they call "wall-eye"...I have always noticed it, not often and usually when she was tired, but this week it really ramped's hard to see her when it happens, on several levels, as my hubby said, "it makes me sad"...I am pretty sure that as long as I get her into the doc right away they should be able to help, drops, excersises or something...I sure hope anyways!
Music and dancing...and of course at #1 is her books! Makiya is so into her books, she always brings them to be read, often the same book repeatedly! But she picks them up and finds a special spot to read to herself as well! So precious! Her love for music and dancing is adorable as well. She spins in circles, then gets the knees bending, and legs special! She gets this little smile across her face as she goes, humming and letting out powerful yells, arms involved and all!!

Oh, and tonight...grateful for another unexpected gift/surprise! I don't have the energy to go on about this one, but, things that happen for reason...doors that open...laws of attraction...All of that stuff, I would add, but again, gotta go now!

Well, I guess I really did have some things to say this week! Didn't really expect to go on so long!
Here's to some optimism, energy, motivation and big smiles this week!


Love all of the latest updates! Great pics too! Can't wait to see you in a few days! XOXO
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