Thursday, April 1, 2010


Right from the day she was born, I called Makiya ladybug.
I love you bug, my little ladybug...

Then, at Halloween, she was a ladybug.
Quite a beautiful one too!

Now, she LOVES ladybugs!

We seem to have a large amount of them in our yard, and she is fascinated by them!
She hunkers down and just watches the ladybugs as they crawl around, up the blades of grass
Then of course, she has to pick the ladybugs up.
She loves to walk around the yard with one in her fingertips.
Sadly, she usually ends up squishing it.

She shows off her treasure.
She brushes her sticky, ladybug covered fingers across her cheek in the way that she does,
seeming to say
I love you ladybug...
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