Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Makiya's Eyes

I mentioned that baby girl was having some eye problems. I did some reading, and though I am certainly no doctor, it seems to be what they call Strabismus or "Wall-Eye". Her right eye wanders out. I have noticed it almost since she was born, but it was irregular, usually when she was tired, and just didn't seem to be a problem. Over the past while I noticed it slowly increasing it's appearance, but again, usually when Makiya was sleepy. This past week and half it really ramped up in frequency, so I decided it was definitley time to have her looked at. We discussed taking her to the doctor, just getting in to the Optometrist and so in the end it was decided we would grab the number from an Optometrist down the street. Well, we went over to the mall this afternoon to grab a few things and I popped into the optometrist in the mall to grab their card. The receptionist was eager to talk, so I let her know what was going on with Makiya, and she immediatley turned to her appointment book and asked if we were free NOW. The doctor was not thrilled at changes being made to her schedule at first, retracting her initial response upon hearing what had been happening with my baby. So, she had a bit of a time at first, but eventually noticed the problem, actually seeing it in both eyes! So we are being referred to the Children's Hospital! When I asked how long we may expect to wait to hear from them, she let me know that she would be putting URGENT on the file! So not what I expected to happen! Is it because that is where the Pediatric Opthamologists are located? Is Makiya's problem worse than I have been thinking? Will we have to put in drops, or do eye training (?), or an eye patch, or glasses?! My heart just felt heavy. I don't want her to have any issues or concerns, of any kind! My baby girl! Sigh...I am of course, trying to be the ultimate optimist. Don't get bogged down with what ifs, and all of that craziness. All will be just fine, simple solution to a minor problem! No matter what, I know that we will just have to do what is the absolute best for Makiya, no questions asked.
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