Friday, April 2, 2010

Petting Zoo

We took Makiya over to the mall today, they had a petting zoo!
I actually teared up, big time, twice!
Watching her with her Daddy, in there with those little baby animals.
There were little goats, lambs and pigs. In another section bunnies and chicks.
She was just so beautiful, and sweet.
Giving little pats and kisses.
She was even more interested in the other little ones, a little blond boy in particular.
Trying to touch him, give him a little poke, a smile and a laugh!
She has picked up this new wave, like Miss America or The Queen, that slow, side to side wave...
She was flashing that to everyone, and beaming that gorgeous smile!
Makiya just walked around that place like she owned it, like she was very much at home.

 (I regret, we did not have the camera with us...Daddy got 2 shots on the phone, but...they didn't really turn out!)


Aw...I love that she has a little Queen's wave!
Sounds like a great time. We are ready for the summer and the petting zoos here to open--the kids love them.
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