Thursday, December 2, 2010

Silent Appreciation

This journey, this life; what an incredible, amazing gift. It is hard sometimes, to fully recognize what we have, right there at our fingertips, within our grasp. We get so caught up in the daily chaos that we can’t see the lessons and gifts that are given to us in every instant, even the difficult times.

Marriage and motherhood can be hard, each in their own way and combined, whoa!!

There is no handbook, nothing that can prepare us for the unique situations and ups and downs that we will face and endure in our own personal ventures. There is no one person that can give the perfect advice that would solve every issue in our daily grind; and so we push forward. We open our eyes each morning, swing our legs over the edge of the bed and push on. There is no other option, we get up and face the day; whatever it has to offer, good or bad.

We love our spouses, turning our cheek at times, because that is what we pledged to do; in good times and bad… Our children offer the brightest light in those early hours of our day, innocent and eager, ready with full enthusiasm to face whatever comes to them.

We have those days; you know the ones, where you question your sanity, the days you wish you could crawl under the covers or wake up in a year that has long past.

Then we lock eyes with our husband in the quiet, dark hours of morning, or we go to get our child out of bed; this is where we should be, where we want to be, where we cannot imagine not being.


I loved this post! I remember those days and remember those feelings. Cherish them, they are precious moments in your life.
Indeed. . .
This post brought tears to my eyes. So true! I know I am so blessed i so many ways. Thanks for the reminder on this hectic day:)
Thank you as always ladies!
It warms me to receive such heartfelt feedback, and I am so glad that my writing touches you.
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