Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Into The Vault-The End I and The End II

The End I

It's gone!
Or is it...?
You can't tell,
you're on the other side.
Do you think you know?
I bet you're wrong!
How could you possibly know
the hells I walk through?
Day and night.
Night and day.
You all think you're smart.
But you don't even care!
What difference does it make
for you to know?
You'll never understand...
The many faces that haunt me...
Day and night,
Right now,
This second...
Why even pretend?
It's not working...
You're like the rest and
I can see right through you!
I will run and
I will hide...
You'll be on the outside,
Looking in...
Not realizing,
Not caring,
Not right.
When will it all end?
You'll never catch me
before that time...
Because it's drawing nearer...and nearer...it's here!

The End II

There's something going on outside...
I need to get to it...
There's something there!
Something holds me back.
With fingers of steel.
I am trapped!
I'm dying, I'm dying...
and no one is going to help me...
Dying, dying...dying...dying.
Something tears at my soul,
at my heart.
Something wants to kill me.
With this sudden realization,
the lights go off...
this can't be right...
Not yet!
It's now over.
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