Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Many Times...

How long does one contribute while another sits idly?

How many times does one try to speak their mind only to be ignored every time?

How long does one financially support another before they’ve had enough?

How many times does one give affection that is repeatedly ignored OR how many times does one receive affection and ignore it before the affection exists no longer?

How many times is it possible for one to repeat the same mistake?

How long does one stick with anything that shows no advancement towards the desired result?

A one sided…anything…doesn’t really work forever does it?

Does one continue until…they achieve the desired result or realize they truly never will? Or, in an effort to save themselves from failure, heartache and/or pain, do they give up before the journey is really over?

I suppose…that we do it UNTIL. Within our body, the answer will always come; our hearts and minds need only be listening and open to receive the answer…
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