Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hopes and Dreams CAN Become Reality

It sometimes feels that in order to achieve all of my hopes/dreams I would have to change myself, which is something I am not always sure that I am willing to do.

Isn’t that the very thing we tell ourselves? I won’t give up doing… I can’t do… I would let so and so down if I wasn’t there for them… Isn’t it also true that to refuse change denies us the opportunities we long for?

If we aren’t willing to start changing our path in small ways, although in the moment they may seem monumental, we won’t find the new doors that will open up to all the things we can imagine for ourselves.

Why do we cling on these bits of us that we are sure make us who we are, when in truth, they are only habits that we have created to comfort us? In many ways these little things are actually huge roadblocks that interfere with our true journey.

Or, we tell ourselves that it would be too much work and we don’t have the time or energy to invest. How can we NOT have the motivation to get moving if the result is all of our dreams and more coming true?

Sometimes that we tell ourselves that age or lack of money is the reason we give when it comes to not going after what we truly want.

When I was a kid I used to always quote “Where there’s a will, there’s a way; and I’ve got the will so there is a way.” Where did that voice go?

By the time I was sixteen, I had begun to realize that those things which I imagined, the things I spent deep and intense concentration on bringing to fruition, happened. Sadly, in those days, my time and energy was spent focusing more on boys and parties than the things that would bring me true success and happiness; but the fact was, I realized, I COULD make things happen.

It took me another ten years to have a deeper, more concrete and sensible understanding of this power that I had, the power that we all have inside of us. I am still learning; it is a process that involves surrender, trust and belief.

There are times when it seems difficult to believe that we are in control of everything that we experience to an extent; while everything that we go through is for a reason, our response to the things that we face is our own responsibility and is fully in our control.

No one else can make our dreams come true for us. We are the only one with that power; it is up to us what we do with that power. We can use it to access our every hope and desire, or we can use it to completely undermine our true self, and ultimately destroy and suffocate ourselves.

I think it is important to really look at what it is that brings us joy, what fills us with light and energy. No matter how big or small, those are the keys to our ultimate happiness, the doors that lead us to our true purpose and all of the things that we could possible imagine for our lives.

Intention, Laws of Attraction…they certainly do apply and they have a meaning for each and every one of us; if we are willing.

We have to do it, be it and believe wholly in it.
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