Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fun in the Snow

It was a pretty nice day yesterday, thanks to a Chinook we made it to 7 degrees. Not so much “thanks” to the Chinook also, I had another terrible headache all day long. I was barely making it through the day and only wanted to lie down and go to sleep. At one point in the day though, I was letting our cat outside, and something beckoned to me to check out the snow…sure enough, it was the perfect packing snow for Makiya and I to build our first snowman!!

...and snow kitty!!

Well, at least I managed to get something done yesterday, and that something turned out to be pretty special!


Love your pictures, and that you were able to work through the headache to spend time in the snow! You're making wonderful memories! P.S. I love the snow kitty!
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