Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why Didn't I Do ______?

Have you ever wanted to do or say something that you FELT inside that you probably shouldn’t? Maybe it’s something new, a new love, a job; it could be so many different things…

You think of those words/actions, that thing you WANT to do, something you so desperately desire to express, and your heart begins to race? Your skin suddenly feels tingly, and you feel your body temperature rise. Your feet feel light, almost as if you are skipping in delight and your hands begin to tremble. You feel giddy; like a child exploring something new and exciting for the very first time! You want to scream out; the anticipation almost too much to contain! You hear the words or see your actions, and they continue to play in your mind; over and over. You envision the scenario; you know it and feel it with every fiber of your being. It seems to have become a part of you inside and out.

Then the moment comes. You completely miss the opportunity. Well, you don’t miss it; you opt to take a pass on your chance. Was it because you KNEW better? Was it because you were scared? All you know for sure is that your heart was pounding, you were sweating like you had just ran a marathon and you felt that same giddiness throughout your body. You feel an overwhelming sensation of LET DOWN. You feel disappointment in yourself, curiousity towards the nature of your NON-REACTION. You missed it; the moment you dreamed of is suddenly gone in an instant…

Every path that we choose takes us somewhere special. It takes us to a place where we learn. If we choose the path, it is for a reason; we were meant to walk that journey. If we opt out, and go a different route, we did that on purpose too. Lesson learned, wrong time and place; there was something else meant for us in the moment. We weren’t ready for that particular adventure yet, or, even, maybe at all.


"....there was something else meant for us in the moment"

Oh so true. What a great way to look at it:)
Great post as always:)
Thank you so much Modern Mom!! :)
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