Friday, September 10, 2010


I’ve been sitting here all day struggling with an idea for writing. Then, my husband came home. Tools, tools and more tools; that has been the dominating topic of conversation this evening! So, as it always happens, there it is! An inspiration! I love how life works, giving you what you need, when you need it!

Tools. We have them inside of us. I didn’t actually intend to talk about the tools that are immediately thought of, hammer, screwdriver or ladder. That was not my intent, but as I sit here, I realize that the comparisons to our own personal tools are amazingly close.

The Hammer: We use a tool inside ourselves called strength to accomplish the same goal the hammer has; pound a nail (our personal rights, beliefs etc.) into something (a person, a cause etc.).

Screwdriver: The tool inside of us that I think this resembles is a little harder to name in one word. It is also strength, but more, perseverance, love, patience… The screwdriver turns, or weaves the screw into the intended target. It is the force behind the binding of material (or, and again hard to name in one word; love, family, friendship etc.).

Ladder: A ladder is used to reach new heights. Well, again, where do you find the exact word to make that comparison?! I would say strength, perseverance and patience again, but what about determination, wisdom and belief? In order for us to reach a new point or chapter in our lives, we have to use our tools to get there.

We carry a multitude of tools inside of ourselves. Like a tradesman, in our personal lives, tools are required to complete every task that we encounter. As it is in their line of work, we start small. Only the basic tools can be found in the toolbox. But we grow, we learn; we acquire through experience, more tools in the toolbox.

We already carry inside that which is required to face any given situation, but we don’t realize it. There are times when we KNOW our resources are there, our courage etc., but we have a difficult time acknowledging that we could actually possess that (insert tool) within. We are afraid to embark on a new “job”, believing it would be pointless to begin because we think we aren’t fully equipped.

It is all there. All that is required IS, HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL be there. Every little piece of gear that is possibly imaginable exists inside of us.

Perhaps we are only inexperienced with utilizing them. As I tell my daughter constantly; “It is something new sweetheart; you are just learning something new and it will take practice. Practice, practice and more practice. The more you do it, the more you try, the easier it will become.”


Loved these analogies! How blessed Makiya is to have a mom who is already teaching her the lessons she will need to be successful in life.
Fabulous! We really do come with all the tools we need, we just have to figure out hop to tap into them!
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