Thursday, June 23, 2011

RIP Shamos

February 2000 - June 2011

Our “Ca-Dog”, our best friend.

I nursed you as you were a sick kitten, pooping all over yourself, bathing you constantly and daily in the bathroom sink.

As a baby, you would find your way under the blankets at night to stretch out beside me as though you were a person.

You were a camper from early on; I remember the first trip where you dashed across the creek and straight up a tree. Shortly after, you were content upon a tarped inner tube on the dead river. Sitting on my lap like a child in front of the campfire, later on a jacket; no fear, only warmth, comfort and staring into the glow of the fire…

You loved road trips, jumping right in the truck at the mention of it.

You joined a pack of wild kitties in Quebec, we thought we had lost you…but there you were that night, eyes shining in the moonlight, staring back at me…

Tinfoil balls were one of your favorites…chasing and bringing it back to do it all over again!

You had a few favorite places to sleep; the bathroom sink, closets (after dragging whatever clothes you could into the perfect pile), bags of any kind (purses, backpacks, suitcases, and it didn’t matter whose it was!),hammocks and trees…

The usual; birds and mice, throw in the few rabbits you enjoyed! And you had to show off your catches, bringing them home to proudly toss around and pounce on.

We swore you were a truck driver in your past life! You had the complete opposite reaction as to when any other vehicle, large or small went by; when a semi when by, you sat back, relaxed and squinted your eyes happily and contentedly, watching it pass.

Helping dad with the trucks; sitting right up under the hood, watching…as though you would pick up a wrench if you could…

You were never a cat guy, preferring to befriend the larger dogs, instantly.

Attitude? Absolutely! The day we warned and warned Russie to move his belongings (keys, water, cell, etc.) from “your” window table; he didn’t listen, and you sat there looking at your spot and back at him. It wasn’t long before you stretched your paw up, and with one swipe, brought everything down!

A&W fries were of your first favorites, early on. Beef Jerky; stolen from my work bag in the night! Later on chips, preferably cheddar! We had movie night in bed, there you were of course, and we munched on our Au Gratin chips. Later, we went to clean it all up and discovered that you to had been enjoying a snack with us; you had chewed the bottom corner open to eat chips too! Pull the cheese out of the fridge, no matter where you were in the house, you came running! Tuna too, always at the ready when you heard a can being opened!

You and that crow…we would wake up to you arguing, for hours, every day; there you were sitting screaming up at him, and he sitting up on the wires or in the tree, screaming downing at you!

Playing in the yard with that silly kid toy, the yellow, hard plastic, alien character; we played “catch” for ever!

Your all time favorite toy though, was your Honeysuckle log… rolling around, flipping it, dragging it…

After we got married and hit the highway to come home, (yes of course you were with us!) we almost lost you…Heh, I don’t blame you, I didn’t want to leave BC either!

Our walks to 7-11…that block and a half that you would walk freely with us, hide in the alley, behind the dumpster waiting for us…as soon as we came out and said your name, there you were, ready to resume the journey!

Walking with dad and Bo up and down the alleys…

Every night, you came to sleep with us. Many times, especially when you were young, I would wake with you sleeping ON my head!

Scratching and talking on dad’s side of the bed every morning; “Get up…Time to get going…Feed me…let me out!!”

Cuddles with Makiya in the morning…letting her grab you, hug you and sing to you. She brought you books to read, treats everyday (even hand fed at times!), she brought you your toys, even shared hers with you…

You were never just a cat, you were a part of our family, our best friend. You were MY baby, my “first”… So many memories… So many adventures. You had an amazing life.

We will never forget you. You will always be with us. We love you. We miss you so much….


And I remember him always trying to get into my suitcase when I visited you. Every time I got home I brought a fresh smattering of his white hair back with me.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Laurinda. I know he was so much more than a just a cat to you. Hugs
Great tribute to your kitty! It sounds like he enjoyed life and his family. Sorry for your loss!
Ah, these furry guys are truly family, and I am so sorry for your loss. Lovely words in tribute to your friend!
Our fur babies, we have lost a few and it breaks your heart.
Part of our families - I like animal people, they are more trustworthy ;)

So sorry - hugs to you!
have you read the Cynthia Rylant book Cat Heaven?
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