Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Universe Speaks in Mysterious Ways

Those little moments of “coincidence” or when we are awakened by a voice, a sign or a feeling that comes to us apparently randomly; I love them! I am always amazed, pleasantly surprised, and of course grateful when my eyes are opened to the magic that IS this universe, this energy source that we are a part of; that we ARE.

I have noticed lately that the word drawbridge keeps coming to me from random sources. It’s in my mind like a flashing neon sign. This morning I decided to look up its meaning to see if I could understand what the word is trying to tell me. I came across several dream definitions that immediately spoke to me with a sense of “aha”.

One definition was of European origin and stated that to dream of a drawbridge “means that one will have to persist despite obstacles an unexpected journey”, another site offered that “Seeing a drawbridge in your dream, represents protection. You may feel that some relationship or situation is too invasive. It may also mean that you are drawing the line and seeing or eating boundaries.”

The meanings that I found had meaning to ME. I was, for the first time in some time, given a little inner giggle of delight. What I read spoke exactly of what I was feeling inside, they shone light inside my mind and instantly reminded me of my path; I am where I am supposed to be, as always.

I need to find some silence, a moment to pause and be still. The whispers of truth will speak to me; they are speaking to me, I just haven’t been listening.
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