Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photos from our yard...

 So today for the FIRST TIME, I actually took some time to attempt some picture taking, trying different settings, and actually getting some photos of flowers. I am totally a novice, but I am actually proud of some of the shots I took!

Makiya loves the flowers too...She was smelling the blossoms that WERE there!!

Lilacs are my absolute FAVE!! Literally (minus 1 or 2) all of the places (and there are alot!!) that I have lived, luckily, had Lilac trees!!

Just some randomness...we have yet to complete cleaning up our yard, taking out the junk and planting some new flowers. So, I looked around, and saw some things that caught my eye!

I love these shots!! I was a little disappointed at first, the Tulips were all gone, but I found this one!

Like I said, some things just appealed!! 

Hope you like them too!!

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