Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My 16 Month 16 Year Old

Makiya! Sit on your bum on the couch.-Ok, she won't listen, I'll pull her off the couch.
Makiya! Don't pull mommy's hai...ow...don't hit me!-Ok, to the floor she goes. Little bum, she's running back to the sofa!
No Makiya, you didn't listen to mommy. We aren't going to sit on the couch right now.-Now she grabs whatever happens to be closest to her, looks at me and starts to hit object.
Makiya, we don't hit, it's not nice.-Now that sound she makes, EHHH, EHHH!! Loud, high pitched...feet stomping, fists clenched, face red, teardrops forming....

 My sweet little ladybug...She has been so trying, and I am so tired...This morning, I gave in, sat on the floor re-building the block tower I had built (she had vehemently thrown it across the floor) and started singing some silly song, trying to be funny. Makiya walked right up to me and slapped me in the face!

She slams doors, she walks away when I talk to her and she is really good at ignoring me! She shakes her head "no" when asked to do something, sometimes I wonder if she'd prefer to be a vegetarian when she consistently denies her meat, she LOVES to check herself out in the mirror!

WOW! My little girl is really going through this wonderful new stage full steam ahead! The "Terrible Twos" early, just a stage, a phase, one of the "easier" hard whatever name you choose to call it, this is tough stuff! It makes me think of a teenager, myself as a teen, Makiya all grown up as a 16 year old...Oh boy, I think I am in trouble!


Stay strong, Laurinda. Remember who is running the show - and it's not Makiya no matter what she thinks!
I do stay strong, she is not the boss...but it is tough emotionally, and a little on the ego sometimes...and this is just the start!!
I am glad that I am not alone Laurinda. I had to laugh at some of the words...thinking... Jaxon is that you she is talking about?
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