Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lessons in Gratitude?

“Cream of the crop” is a phrase I have heard repeated often during this past month.

I have listened to the words and rolled them repeatedly around my mouth and my mind. I have had a difficult time allowing them to register within me. They feel tainted by arrogance and smugness in many ways. If I step back, really take several paces backwards, I can see the words spelling out something far greater, something reserved for an elite part of society. Isn’t that funny?

My mind ponders the reality that each and every one of us will process the same situation in an entirely different light; none of us will truly ever experience the same moment in the same way as the person next to us. It doesn’t matter who that person beside us is.

So if we are to live a moment completely separate from those close to us, how is it possible to place judgments or condemnation upon them for their actions in the face of what lies before us? We cannot possibly fully comprehend that place from which their emotions and responses are born, not being immersed inside their mind ourselves, so how can we pretend to understand their actions?

However, there are some basic, hmm, I don’t know, courtesies, respects, LOVE that would and should come with these other things that may arise. Wouldn’t we think?

This month has reached peak levels in so many different places in my life, and instead of feeling more bonded, with anyone, I feel much more separate and alone. My eyes have opened wider, and sadly, parts of what, amazingly, still remained of my innocence, have been lost.

I feel far from what I imagine the phrase “Cream of the crop” to entail.

Somewhere, at the moment buried deeply, I can hear, and almost see other words calling out to me; “You ARE where you should be at this time. You ARE strong enough and you WILL make it through this time. Exactly on time, as you are intended to.”

In the end, it really doesn’t matter how the others respond. It matters how I respond. How I learn and grow from what these experiences are teaching me.

I guess what I need to do is take a standpoint of Gratitude. I need to appreciate that which has been placed on my path, for it has all been lessons offered. I only need to accept the gift.


Laurinda, since I have some "inside info" on the situation you write about I can say without a doubt that your wisdom once again shines through. It's true that we can't know where another person is coming from; it's also true that there is a "right way" and a "wrong way"; and just as true is that the times when we take the high road and look past circumstances and learn to appreciate the lessons that we are learning are the times we experience the most personal growth, and the joy in growing is that we are able to reach out and help someone else along on their journey. You are absolutely the "cream of the crop" in my eyes.
Such wisdom, Laurinda. Some of life's lessons are so hard-earned, and while the innocence may seem to be gone, your ability to respond with love and grace are still very much in your control. Like you, although I am quite some years older, I have found at a difficult point in my life journey, that gratitude is the way to go. Whatever life brings, we can show gratitude, grace, forgiveness and love--that high road your mom mentioned. Blessings & hugs to you as you deal with the issues at hand.
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