Sunday, March 6, 2011


What is this curiosity that has me looking backwards? What has taken such a strong hold on my mind that I seem to be driven to dig around in the past? What is that requires more exploration and understanding? What have I missed?

Is there something I have forgotten that could possibly make such a difference in my life now? Is it a person, a place or simply a moment? Perhaps there were words spoken that only my adult mind can now comprehend?

I am standing in the middle; being pulled into the future by one arm and one leg is being pulled out from under me in an attempt to drag me back… Am I stuck in this position until I take that step back and find what it is that seems to be calling out? Were I to move forward from this spot now, would I do so at the risk of straying from the true nature of my journey?

Maybe it is the voice of my true self that I hear? Is it trying to take me back to the place where I knew who I truly was? Is it trying to capture my attention in an effort to show me the strength and courage that exists inside of me, that which has always existed, even when I have chosen to hide it?

What do you want? Tell me, speak to me, show me… I am here, open to receive that which must be heard… Free me, fill me and nurture me. Show me what I need to know and what I need to do. I am ready…


Sometimes, we have to be healed from our past baggage before we can move forward in health. Thankfully, it's faith in God that has done so much to bring that healing for me personally. I pray you find it, my friend.
Just when you think you've moved forward, handled the baggage, there are times something else seems to pop up!

Thank you Rhonda.
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