Saturday, February 27, 2010

Makiya is Our Little Genius!

Ok, Ok, I know EVERY parent must believe their child is a budding genius at some point, but REALLY I swear she must be! Every day she surprises me even more! They really do learn so quickly, little sponges!

This week Makiya learned 3 more signs...more, eat and diaper! She knows milk, but seems to be getting a little confused with all done and help. She can show you feet, sometimes legs, belly, hands, mouth, teeth, nose, eyes, ears, hair and head!
Makiya has a couple of picture/word books that she is devouring, hmmm, literally at times! But she has learned sooo many! It's about 40-50 items that I can think of without actually grabbing the book to check!
She says "Ah dun mum" at meal times and bath time. She of course says mom and dad, sometimes love, light, "dis" or "dat" (what's this?), "dide" for outside, and she works on kitty, cat and Shamos although it comes out as a mish mash of them all sometimes! Makiya's FAVORITE word is DAD! We ask her to say love, and she ALWAYS comes back with DAD!

Makiya totally loves her daddy! The instant she spots him she's screaming, and kicking and smiling! It's the first thing out of her mouth when we get her from sleep. The times daddy isn't there yet, she is looking all over, pointing towards the downstairs. If daddy is gone to work, she knows to point to the door or the window we look out at him through!

Makiya is also a HUGE fan of her grandma. All she has to do is hear her name, hear Skype or see the cords for the computer microphone and she is ready! She heads to the dining table, where we usually set the laptop up for "Grandma Calls"! When I ask her if we should call grandma, or if she hears the Skype ringtone, she loses it! Full of squeals and smiles!

I discovered this week that she recognizes her Great Grandma and Grandpa as well! I have pictures of them in our china cabinet, and she can point each of them out, with this sweet little smile!

Makiya absolutley loves music, even has some favorite songs! As soon as she hears a beat, she starts to dance even if she is sitting down! She shakes her little tushy, shakes, bends her knees and is starting to lift her feet as she does it!

I could honestly go on and on I am sure! It fills me with pride to see the things she picks up on each day. It is just truly an amazing gift to be going on this journey with Makiya as she grows and learns!
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